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I took part in the Rising Star Games Development challenge where we were given the incomplete code for Minesweeper and were asked to show our creativity and add additional features to the project without changing the existing code.
For this project I started with working on making the complete the game like the original Minesweeper game by adding fdeatures like: the flagging system, Highlighting the neighbouring boxes and adding mines after the first move. Then I went on to add some additional features like adding the basic UI which includes a Pause, Settings and the Main Menu.
To make it more engaging to the players, I also added difficulty levels to the game. In addition, I also added a Challenger Mode to the game where the player needs to clear the board without detonating a single mine within a time limit. I also added a shop system where the player can buy some extra time and also discover a mine using the coins generated when they make a correct move.
Although it was a confusing start since it was my first time I took part in such an event which is why it took quite some time to understand what was expected out of the final product. But Overall, I am happy with the product since I got to learn something new including the engine and also got to engage with the people who were a part of Grad In Games.

See game page on itch.io by clicking here.